Services- Testing Types

Nasopharyngeal PCR Swab

The Nasopharyngeal PCR swab is just as it sounds. It is a nasal swab that will go through the nose into the pharyngeal area to get a good sample for the COVID 19 test.

Arrival Instructions:

Stay in your car

Call the location phone number when you arrive

One of the staff will come out to assist you with paperwork completion and billing. 

Testing instructions: 

Staff will assist you with instructions for self administering this test

Saliva PCR Test

The Saliva PCR Test is a saliva collection test that permits no contact testing. The patient will collect their saliva in the collection kit provided on site. 

Arrival Instructions: 

Stay in your car

Call the Location phone number when you arrive


Staff will come assist you with paperwork and billing

Testing Instructions:

No food, fluids, smoking, or chewing gum 30 minutes prior to your test. 

Staff will provide you with the collection kit

Provide enough saliva to the test kit line

Do not close the lid to the kit, the staff will do this for you.